An intelligent way of connecting with your users

WizRocket provides unlimited, comprehensive and blazingly fast user analytics for your mobile apps and websites.

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Since the analytics focuses on users instead of page-views, it allows you to create rule-based personalized interactions with users depending on their profile and actions. These interactions can reach users via mobile, web and email.

The integration takes just a few minutes and starts providing value immediately.

It is the only platform in the world that:

  • Is Realtime, irrespective of the size of your business
  • Is Unified, allows for web, mobile and email interactions via a simple dashboard and
  • Collects and stores rich profiles for all your users, not just your signed-in users

We're in private beta with over 50 customers across various domains like e-commerce, travel planning, event ticketing and price comparison. Our customers use WizRocket on their mobile and web apps to increase user engagement, retention and conversion.

WizRocket is backed by Accel Partners. The WizRocket team consists of seasoned entrepreneurs split geographically between Palo Alto (US) and Mumbai (India).

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